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I’ll never breakdown, I won’t give up this fight.


Kenji Hidaka
23 April
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26 year old, history ba graduate, apple lover, elementary school reading aide/amusement park supervisor. Has an amazing boyfriend, who suffers through Union games to be with her and still loves her even though her favorite player is Frenchie. Morning Musume lover [Cookie generation has given me some hope..] and Philadelphia Union fan.


Currently watching; Doctor Who, The Vampire Diaries & Ghost Adventures.

Currently hearing; Morning Musume., AKB48, OLIVIA, SNSD & T-ara.

Currently loving; Matt Smith/11th Doctor & peanut butter. ♥


May 16th, 2011
Finally, she's gotten used to everything now
And now talks to everyone
What kind of character will she progress to?
Choose on at your own pace
"This one. Ummm. This one..."

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